Meet Tina Wilson

I am the Executive Director of the Western Alliance for Economic Development (WAED).  My job is to help make business and communities in the Western Alliance region successful using a toolbox of state and federal programs, my knowledge of business & community development, and grant writing skills. I provide tools and services for business startup, retention, expansion, attraction and community development.  


I work independently as a company of one. I report to a board of directors comprised of representatives from the jurisdictions I serve as well as my funding partners. I provide regular reports to six city councils and two boards of county commissioners. I give ongoing support to community organizations in my region, such as local chambers of commerce, tourism trails and transportation organizations.  


I have been successful in obtaining over $4.5 million in grant awards while working for the Western Alliance. These grants are a combination of Federal and State grantors for the benefit of cities and business alike. 



Tina Wilson
(208) 615.6083

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