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Notus, Idaho


Notus is one of eight cities in Canyon County in the State of Idaho. It is considered the smallest town in Canyon County due to its size and population. It is located 5 miles west of Caldwell and Interstate 84 at exit 26. It is 8 miles east of Parma on Highway 20/26.  


Providing a less congested lifestyle, this quiet rural town is a short drive into the country. Surrounding the city are rich vibrant fields of tree groves, seed crops, onions, potatoes, corn, alfalfa and sugar beets. A patchwork quilt of farmland carved into the landscape creates a colorfully array of texture and design. Sheep and cattle dot the green pastures with occasional horses and haystacks. 


The City of Notus is home to a Public Library, Community Center, Post Office, Museum, and 2 Parks which are all available to the Public. Services not provided in the city are easily accessible within 10 miles of Downtown Notus. There are many outdoor activities within 15 minutes of Downtown Notus. Some of these activities include: walking, biking, fishing, boating, hunting, and wildlife viewing. 


The Western Alliance provides economic development services for the City of Notus, giving assistance with grants and land use applications. We also provide assistance with small business development. 

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